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How to make sure you don’t lose important files

This news story was published on February 14, 2017.
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You’ll never understand the pain of losing files until you experience it for yourself. Imagine, you have worked on your thesis for your degree for months on end and put lots of hard work into it; research, analysis, write ups, revisions. It has taken you absolutely ages to pull it altogether and your deadline is looming but you feel like its pretty much there. You’re proud of your work and can’t wait to finally submit it and you can relax and even celebrate your accomplishment. Then disaster strikes, you get to your car and it has been broken into. Your laptop bag is gone and with it, your months of hard work as the only place you had saved them, was on your laptop.

This might sound like an extreme scenario but the chances are not as small as you think. And physical theft is not the only problem that you face. You could also lose files if your laptop broke and the files can’t be recovered when you take it in to be fixed. If you are told that your files can’t be recovered, it might be worthwhile checking with specialist recovery experts who offer services like RAID repair.

You could also be hit by a virus, hacking is on the rise and with new methods in terms of ransomware and other criminal methods being developed all of the time, you can easily be targeted by cyber criminals. It is becoming much more common.

If you are a business owner, it is even more important to ensure you have adequately protected your customer of staff data and any other files that are important to your business. Losing data can have serious consequences and over the next few years, there will be more regulations introduced to businesses in regards to protecting data.

There are lots of different ways to back up files and it will depend what size files, what they are used for etc. that will be the deciding factor. If you have a number of sentimental photos that you want to back up, there is no point paying a hefty monthly fee for cloud back up giving way more storage than you would ever use. You can look to alternatives like external hard drives or a flash drive to save your photos onto.

For larger files you may want to look at cloud storage options. There are loads of storage providers that offer different features and varying costs. It is worthwhile having a good look at the available options before you opt for the final storage solution.

When it comes to data and other file storage, it is always better to be safe than sorry. There is nothing worse than losing a huge amount of work and for businesses, the consequences are even more severe. Make sure that you don’t lose your important files, do your homework and get those files backed up so that you are never in tears over lost files.

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